Where Do You Record?

An acoustically-friendly space is the final step to professional recording. Fortunately we've got the tips and tricks to help you tame your sound.
  • Tasteful Room Treatments
  • Sound Proofing
  • Acoustic Isolation Rooms
  • Inexpensive Solutions
  • Full Scale Studio Builds

Here's the bad news: A $3,000 German microphone sounds like crap in a poor acoustic environment. The good news is that you can optimize a room's acoustics without breaking the bank. There are tasteful, inconspicuous options available to you off-the-shelf that can go a long way towards making your office or personal space sound much more professional. Even when going all the way with a full-renovation, sound-proofing, it's not necessary to use expensive, boutique components. Commercial recording studios are built using standard materials: sheet-rock and fiberglass. It just requires a knowledgable contractor, with an understanding of acoustics, to oversee the build.

One thing setting Soundwag apart is our extensive understanding of acoustics, including all those little tricks for getting great results without a major renovation. But, if you want to get serious, we can go there as well. We've overseen full studio builds, from the ground up, and have on the roster the most talented acousticans and studio contractors in the northeast. Whether you want to know how to treat a 3x3' closet or are looking to build a fully isolated recordings space, we can help.