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Playdate EP
released: May 2016
Amalgamation of 80's New Wave/pop/punk, mixed with guitar driven hard-rock

1. Lap Dog
2. Moet & Chandon
3. Molly Jane
4. You Can't Hide
5. Playdate
6. High Life
7. Pinky

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Playdate is a New York- and Los Angeles-based rock band and songwriting team. Members Tatiana von Furstenberg, Andrew Bradfield, and Bryan Bullett met in Providence, Rhode Island, while students at Brown University. A few early jam sessions revealed their shared love of guitar­driven pop music and edgy, storytelling lyrics. The trio began writing and performing together in New York in 1999. The name Playdate - a reference to a tryst involving Tatiana - was soon adopted.

Playdate writes playful, sexy songs that relate to the adolescent experience and celebrate the strangeness of life. The group's sound blends elements of '80s New Wave, pop, and punk, trading guitar riffs with dance beats.

Produced by Ron A. Shaffer
Co-produced by Bryan Bullett and Andrew Bradfield
All Songs by Playdate, except Track 7 by Playdate and Ron A. Shaffer

Design and Photography by ECSTATIC
All Songs Copyright © 2002 and 2003 by Playdate, All Rights Reserved

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